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The Yöghund Story

For the Love of Dogs!


For the past twenty-five years, Jody Rodgers, an animal lover and founder of The Barking Dog Ltd., has dedicated herself to developing facilities that provide premium care for dogs through daycare, grooming, boarding, and training, throughout Southern New Hampshire.

She and her staff searched diligently for a functional treat dogs would love, yet wouldn’t upset their digestive systems. Stress is often associated with boarding or socializing your dog. Whether a diet change, exposure to other dogs, a change in routine or separation anxiety are the root cause,  a dog’s digestive balance is often disrupted. Coming up empty,  Jody developed Yöghund to fill that void in the pet treat category.

The premise for TBD’s Yöghund brand was the realization that if dogs were fed treats with probiotics (healthful intestinal bacteria) they would enjoy the treat yet experience additional health benefits. Yogurt is a well-known source of probiotics and often recommended by vets, to ensure regular digestive health in dogs. Jody took yogurt a step further and fortified it with billions of additional live cultures of hardy bacterial strains to create an Activia for dogs. This, coupled with the recommendations of microbiologists and veterinarians, led to the creation of the Yöghund product line.

What started as an offering to combat the effects of stress at her facilities, immediately caught on with clients. Soon it bloomed into a line of products known as the Yöghund Zone. We hope you’ll try our family of products and make a daily serving of probiotics part of your wellness plan to protect your pet’s health and quality of life.  Jody is devoted to a natural and holistic approach to good nutrition and recognizes the positive impact that Yöghund can have on longevity and vitality.

Mission Statement

TBD Brands, LLC seeks to provide pet owners with wholesome, organic and natural functional treats to enhance overall pet health and wellbeing, while avoiding unnecessary calories, fats, additives and preservatives.  The company strives to lead the industry in the development of innovative, healthful probiotic pet products at good value, using environmentally sound packaging wherever possible. The Company will conduct business in a manner that is ethical and fair to its employees, investors, partners, customers and business associates, so all may benefit.

The First, the Original . . .

by People who Care!

Yöghund is the first frozen yogurt treat made for dogs. Yöghund is manufactured by a small New England company that is dedicated to promoting healthy diet for dogs. Our staff is knowledgeable about caring for pets and are passionate about dogs and the important role they play in their owners lives. Yöghund’s team of specialists have over 80 combined years of professional experience working with dogs – that’s 560 in dog years! Yöghund’s staff knows dogs – that’s why Yöghund products are of the highest quality in the market. We care about our dogs and want to ensure that dog owners everywhere can provide the very best care for their dogs. Your dog is entitled to have a happy and healthy life – like ours have every day!

The Yöghund Difference

Enhancing well-being, in a fun treat your dog will love.

Yogurt is a special food that is extremely nourishing and known to contribute to overall well-being.  Beneficial probiotics, prebiotics and superior ingredients found in Yöghund help to make it a super food! Yöghund has BILLIONS of live cultures per cup and the 7 different strains make it truly unique and different from any other dog treat on the market. These beneficial organisms boost the immune system by populating the colon to help prevent disease causing bacteria from lodging in the digestive tract. As dogs ingest these beneficial microbes they increase the digestibility of all foods making for a better dog’s life.

Healthy Ingredients

The ingredients used in Yöghund are of the highest quality and manufactured in facilities that make human products. All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their health benefits and have to adhere to our strict standards to ensure the final product is: – Low in sugar – No grains – No artificial additives – No preservatives – Gluten free – Naturally high in protein, Vitamins and minerals – Antioxidant rich – Low fat, low cal – Tastes great


What are probiotics?

The term probiotics is taken from the Greek word ‘probios’, meaning ‘for life’. Today they are officially termed ‘live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host’. We at Yoghund simply like to refer to them as the ‘Good Guys’.

Probiotics Today

Most people are familiar with the benefits of fermented (cultured) foods such as yogurt, buttermilk and sauerkraut. They contain particular strains of probiotics needed to perform the fermentation that, for example, turns milk to yogurt. Unfortunately those strains may not be the best equipped to withstand digestion. Some yogurts go a step further and add billions of Good Guys, of various hardy strains, to bring the added benefit of improved digestion and immunity to the consumer. Products such as Activia and Danactive are examples of such products for humans.

Probiotics for Dogs

A dog’s digestive system contains billions of live microorganisms or bacteria, both good and bad. Having the right balance between them is critical for maintaining a dog’s overall health. The Good Guys are essential for good digestion, metabolism, vitamin synthesis, immune system function, and defense against disease causing pathogens. They must compete for space with the bad bacteria in the intestines. If the Bad Guys push out the good, a variety of undesirable conditions may present themselves; diarrhea & gas, poor nutrient absorption, disease, overall poor health, weight loss, bad skin & coat, to name a few! Yoghund has made it their mission to provide pet owners with a variety of snacks that offer combinations of these very important probiotics. We believe that if the Good Guys are incorporated into yummy snacks, dog owners are more likely to ensure their best friends get some everyday!

The Challenge of Probiotics

The Good Guys can only do their good work in the intestines, if they arrive there alive and in numbers great enough to bestow some benefit on the dog. Some types or strains of probiotics are well equipped to withstand the acidic environment of a dog’s stomach, others are not. Heat is also ‘the enemy’ of probiotics; it is really important that probiotics not be subjected to any high heat processing. Researchers have also found that different strains of Good Guys offer different benefits. The ideal situation is to formulate a blend of bacteria offering a multitude of benefits, in very high dosages. This helps to ensure enough bacteria will survive the travel from manufacturing to the dog, and then the digestive ‘trip’ within the dog, to actually yield benefits. Yoghund has gone to great lengths to incorporate such a blend, we call Yobiotics. Our products offer combinations that include strains from the Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria, Bacillus, Propionibacterium and Enterococcus genera. We also add yeast to some of our blends.