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What People are Saying…

“We both thought it was super delicious!” Kayla K and Maebe Baebe’s World

“As you can see from the pics, he totally dug the Banana and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt from Yöghund!”

“There was much hoarding and plenty of licking.” Homeward Bound Puppy

“Beau and Bentley’s eyes glazed over as they lost themselves licking this frigidly cold treat until the cup was empty.” Proscenium of Mind

“Two Paws up for Yöghund.” Critic’s Cupboard

“It was so humorous to watch that I almost forgot how healthy this snack really was for her dog.”

“…could you really deprive your baby of the refreshment that comes from frozen yogurt? Of course not.” Slashfood

“CH mascots Otis and Logan have found relief with their new discovery. It must be tasty, because instead of eating it they lick it enthusiastically.” Cool Hunting

“Frozen yogurt. FOR DOGS. And in Gordy’s case: it’s great to be alive. He, of course, LOVES IT.” Wag/Bark

“…all-organic peanut butter and banana Yoghund frozen yogurt is available in independent pet stores in 23 states, including the San Diego area.” The San Diego Union-Tribune