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Are all Yöghund products Made in the USA?

Yes, all of our products are Made in the USA.

Are all ingredients for Yöghund products sourced in the USA?

With the exception of the banana puree, because they are not grown in the US, all ingredients are sourced in the USA.

How and when should I give my dog YöPup?

Because environmental stresses happen every day that can affect the digestive tract of the dog (chlorinated water, stress, medications, and exposure to pathogens through dogs and other critters) it is important to provide an ongoing supply of beneficial probiotics to your dog. Veterinarians recommend giving your dog a cup per day.

I thought dogs were lactose intolerant? Won’t YöPup upset my dog’s stomach?

Dogs are lactose intolerant, but rather than upset a dog’s stomach, YöPup may actually settle it! The beauty of a true yogurt, is the presence of those live cultures (probiotics). Not only do the cultures do lots of good deeds in the dog’s body, they work hard during the creation of yogurt as well. During fermentation they break down, or predigest, the lactose and create lactase. Lactase is the enzyme necessary for lactose digestion that dogs lack. So in essence YöPup helps dogs digest any lactose they may encounter. Ideally dogs should have a cup of YöPup a day to ensure the ongoing presence of good cultures and enzymes in their systems. (As with most food, and even water, if your dog ingests YöPup to quickly, you may see it ‘come back up’. There is no need for concern and most often they will consume it again, at a slower pace.)

Under what conditions might my dog benefit from YöPup?

Most dogs are a candidate for enjoying YöPup for no reason beyond the fact that they love it and it provides lots of good ingredients PLUS a daily dose of beneficial probiotics!! Dogs with the following situations are prime candidates for the benefits of YöPup functional frozen yogurt treats:

  • Changing Diets
  • Boarding, Daycare, Dog Parks
  • Traveling
  • Dogs with Sensitive Bowels
  • Dogs on Antibiotics
  • Dogs with Allergies
  • Dogs with Poor Skin and Hair
  • Dogs on a Diet
  • Dogs exposed to Stressful Situations
  • Dogs that Need a Distraction
  • Puppies and Seniors with their Special Needs
My dog loves YöPup so much he sometimes eats part of the cup? Is that safe?

The YöPup cup is manufactured to be completely natural and safe in the event of accidental ingestion. While it doesn’t have all the health benefits of YöPup, it should easily digest and cause no problems. We recommend that you remove the cup before serving, if your dog makes a habit of ingesting the paper. If not, serve YöPup in the cup to ensure a long lasting licking experience for your dog.

I’ve read that YöPup boosts immune function. How does it do that?

80% of your immune system is located in your intestines. This is where food is truly absorbed and enters the bloodstream as nutrients. This is also a place where disease causing organisms can take up residence. If you’ve ever had the stomach flu you know what we mean. When the digestive tract is populated with happy, healthy probiotics they prevent the bad bacteria from being able to find a place to live, thus preventing intestinal upset and disease. In addition, the presence of these good bacteria help ensure the absorption of nutrients necessary to keep your dog in a healthy glow.

Why should my dog have YöPup every day?

Much like our own bodies, dogs require an ongoing influx of good bacteria (probiotics) to realize the full potential and benefits of the cultures. Although any probiotics are better than none, a YöPup a day is the best way to keep your dog healthy, without worrying about giving them too many calories or unwanted additives and preservatives.

What are live cultures and why is the number of probiotics per serving important?

The beneficial probiotics are live organisms. They can only do their job of boosting immunity when they are alive. The more of them there are, the more will survive and populate the intestine and keep the bad bacteria out. Some products say they include probiotics but they are not alive or they have them at such low numbers there is not much chance of a health benefit. This is the essence of “The YöPup by Yöghund Difference”. Multiple strains of probiotics (each enhances health in a different way) and billions of live cultures per cup. This is THE authentic immune boosting healthy treat for dogs of all ages and health.

I keep hearing about Probiotics and Prebiotics. What is the difference? Which is better?

Probiotics are those good live microorganisms that live in the digestive tract that are so important to overall health. Prebiotics are complex fibers that avoid digestion, and are then available to feed the probiotics in the lower intestines. They are both important. The prebiotics keep the probiotics happy, and healthy, but it is the probiotics that do the hard work in the digestive tract.

Are there other health benefits to YöPup besides boosting immune function?

A strong immune system can help with many health problems such as: Resisting chronic diseases, managing inflammation, protecting against allergic reactions, preventing yeast infections (ears, urogenital). Additionally, YöPup is full of antioxidants, vitamins and high quality protein while low in sugar and fat. It’s a super treat made just for dogs.

I get that YöPup is healthy but I want my dog to love her treats. Will she love YöPup?

We guarantee she will or your money back! Healthy treats are really important but no good if your dog doesn’t love them. Dogs love the YöPup flavors (they were the final decision makers when it came to flavors!) and because it’s frozen they get involved in licking the product. If your dog has never had anything frozen, it may take a few minutes of melting before they are ready to give it a try. It becomes a fun activity, keeping them engaged and mentally stimulated… unlike a biscuit that is simply swallowed and gone.

I took my YöPup out of the freezer to thaw a little and left it out too long. It melted. How long it is good for melted and can I refreeze it?

We recommend serving YöPup frozen. The probiotics are well preserved in the frozen state and when eaten, they come to life in the digestive tract. If the product reaches room temperature the probiotics will begin to die off. The melted product can be fed to your dog if it’s within 2-3 hours or it can be refrozen. It will not have the same texture (just like ice cream when it melts and is refrozen). Any time beyond that, the product should be tossed.

How many biscuits should I give my dog?

YöPup biscuits are similar to any other treat you give your dog. The amount will depend on your dog’s size, weight and exercise level. We recommend giving a few a day to keep the good bacteria in their tummy.

How do I feed the marrow bones to my dog?

The bones are intended to be fed raw. You can give it to them frozen or thawed. We recommend monitoring your dog while feeding the bones and discarding the bone within a few days of them cleaning it out.

Are your marrow bones approved by the USDA?

Yes, our marrow bones are all USDA inspected and approved.