Our Story

The Yöghund Story

For over thirty years, Jody Rodgers, an animal lover and founder of The Barking Dog Ltd., has dedicated herself to developing facilities that provide premium care for dogs through daycare, grooming, boarding, and training, throughout Southern New Hampshire and Arizona.

She and her staff searched diligently for a functional treat dogs would love, yet wouldn’t upset their digestive systems. Stress is often associated with boarding or socializing your dog. Whether a diet change, exposure to other dogs, a change in routine or separation anxiety are the root cause, a dog’s digestive balance is often disrupted. Coming up empty, Jody developed YöPup to fill that void in the pet treat category.

The premise for YöPup was the realization that if dogs were fed tasty treats with probiotics (healthful intestinal bacteria) they would enjoy additional health benefits. Yogurt is a well-known source of probiotics and often recommended by vets, to ensure regular digestive health in dogs. Jody took yogurt a step further and fortified it with billions of additional live cultures of hardy bacterial strains to create an "Activia" for dogs. This, coupled with the recommendations of microbiologists and veterinarians, led to the creation of Yöghund and the YöPup product line.

What started as an offering to combat the effects of stress at her facilities, immediately caught on with clients. Soon it bloomed into a line of products known as the YöPup Zone. Three tasty probiotic enhanced yogurt flavors that provide a calming, long lasting licking experience, along with four functional yogurt drizzled biscuits for an alternative daily probiotic dosing. We hope you’ll try our family of products and make a daily serving of probiotics part of your wellness plan to protect your pet’s health and quality of life. Jody is devoted to a natural and holistic approach to good nutrition and recognizes the positive impact that Yöghund products can have on longevity and vitality.