Our Pledge

Yöghund seeks to provide pet owners with wholesome and natural functional treats to enhance overall pet health and well-being, while avoiding unnecessary calories, fats, additives and preservatives. We strive to lead the industry in the development of innovative, healthful probiotic pet products at good value, using environmentally sound packaging wherever possible. We will conduct business in a manner that is ethical and fair to its employees, investors, partners, customers and business associates, so all may benefit.

The First, the Original . . .by People who Care!

YöPup is the first frozen yogurt treat made for dogs. YöPup by Yöghund is manufactured by a small New England company that is dedicated to promoting healthy diet for dogs. Our staff is knowledgeable about caring for pets and are passionate about dogs and the important role they play in their owners lives.

Yöghund’s team of specialists have over 80 combined years of professional experience working with dogs – that’s 560 in dog years! The Yöghund team knows dogs – that’s why our products are of the highest quality in the market. We care about our dogs and want dog owners everywhere to provide the very best care for their dogs. Your dog is entitled to have a happy and healthy life – like ours have every day!

The YöPup Difference

Enhancing well-being, in a fun treat your dog will love.

Yogurt is a special food that is extremely nourishing and known to contribute to overall well-being. Beneficial probiotics, prebiotics and superior ingredients found in YöPup help to make it a super food! Frozen YöPup has BILLIONS of live cultures per cup and the multiple strains make it truly unique and different from any other dog treat on the market. These beneficial organisms boost the immune system by populating the colon, helping to prevent disease causing bacteria from lodging in the digestive tract. As dogs ingest these beneficial microbes they enhance the digestibility of all foods making for a better dog’s life.

Healthy Ingredients

The ingredients used in YöPup products are of the highest quality and manufactured in U.S. facilities that make human products. All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their health benefits– No artificial additives – No preservatives – Gluten free – Naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals – Antioxidant rich – Low fat, Low cal – Tastes great.