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My Siberian husky has a very sensitive belly and is prone to diarrhea. she LOVES Yöghund, and it seems to be helping her. she especially loves it after a long walk on a hot day…but she told me she’ll eat it in the winter, too! thanks for a great product!

Thank You very much for making this product….as Galaxy would say…. ARRRRF!

Cheyenne LOVES her Yöghund treats, her tail does not stop wagging the whole time she is licking it!

Boo Boo woofed it up! He loved it!

PORTER LOVES HIS YOGHUNDS! It’s so nice for him to have his own little ice cream when everyone else has a bowl of the people kind! Porter has always been spoiled with Frosty Paws and Dogsters, but when these came out I was excited to see another option to give him some variety. Now it’s all we buy! The texture is smoother and it takes him longer to eat them, which is a good thing! Let’s him enjoy his special treat a little more! And the organic ingredients can’t be beat! Thanks again for recognizing the need for this healthy dog treat!

Cooper and Lola LOVED IT. They fought over who could have it first and ended it having their own cup, and they finished it all. It was hard to get the container away from them!!

You made a happy dog on a hot day…Leo enjoyed it to the sweet end…  

Thank you thank you for making such a WONDERFUL frozen treat for our big guy, Dedo the French Bulldog!!! He absolutely loves the bananas and peanuts– his two favorite flavors– and I love that it is good for him too. We’ve shipped out the treat to California so he can enjoy it in the summer heat and it was well worth it. Thanks SO much!

My 14 1/2 year old sheltie mix, Kayso, even shreds the container itself after licking it bone dry. When she’s done, she finds me with a look on her face that can only say “MORE??!”

I purchased your product because my dogs LOVE Frosty Paws so I thought I would enjoy something different for a change. Benny & Camby give your product a “paws up”, they absolutely love it!!! Thanks so much!!

Hunter & Abby loved it! What a great treat.

Loved it! Sam wagged his tail from the first lick until it was gone!